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Our Promise:  We fully understand that your professional reputation and livelihood are largely dependent upon the quality of the turfgrass you manage. We promise to be rooted in solid agronomic science as we partner with you to enhance your reputation by bringing tremendous value to your organization as we provide: 1. Customer Service that is second to none;  2. Technologically advanced products and services of the highest order from top-tier suppliers in the industry;  3. Expert agronomic support to help you maintain superior turfgrass quality in very formidable conditions here in Oklahoma. Our goal is to help you assure your success.

P & K Equipment

P&K Equipment is committed to being the premier John Deere Dealership organization in the region by providing the highest quality, leading edge product solutions for all customers, including agricultural, commercial, residential, governmental, and golf and turf equipment accompanied by personalized customer service and unsurpassed product support. We value all stakeholders, including our suppliers, our communities in which we strive to serve, and our employees, whose vast knowledge and experience we value and continue to develop to allow our organization to provide the customer focused and technology driven services of the 21st century and beyond.

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